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At TetherBridge, we try our best to assist our customers with issues about our products.  In most cases, issues can be resolved by a reference to the Questions and Answers  page.  If you cannot resolve the issue yourself, and you think you need to bring it to our attention, you can submit a service request using the service request form below.  We will respond at the earliest possible time.


If you are seeking technical support, please be specific.  It allows us to provide you with much more effective support if you describe the specific steps you have taken and the exact responses from the system including any error messages.  When describing an operational issue, it is important that you quote what is displayed on the TetherBridge window on your PC including the values of the data usage indicators.  For Bluetooth Tether Bridge, please pay attention to messages displayed on your BlackBerry and copy the messages.


Please make sure you double check your email address or we may not be able to send you a response.


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