Benefits of TetherBridge MIS

What is the difference?

Are you looking for a cost-effective way of getting Internet anywhere, anytime for your laptop? Do you want to get a backup Internet service ready in case your primary Internet service goes down (in a storm for example)?


TetherBridge MIS Mobile Internet Sharing is here for you.  With TetherBridge MIS you can  tether your BlackBerry to your PC to allow it to get Internet anywhere, anytime.  No BlackBerry tether data plan is required and it simply shares your existing regular data plan.


You can try our BlackBerry tether app for free.  After the trial, it costs only a very small one-time fee for the lifetime of your Blackberry device.


About us:


We are a group of engineers experienced in designing cellular network equipment.  The cellular network equipment designed by us has been used by cellular network operators all over the world.  We have the expertise in all aspects of cellular networks and we are now using that knowledge and know-how to serve the consumers directly.  We aim at providing more affordable tethering solutions to the end users. To the consumers this means that they can have huge savings from not having to pay a recurring tethering fee.  To the cellular network operators, this means tether users do not tie up tunnel connection resources in cellular networks and therefore the network resources freed up can be used to support more concurrent users.  This would allow cellular network operators to grow revenue in a different way with existing equipment.  We would like to create a win-win situation for all concerned. 

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